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Some spam messages disappear; not moved to Spam mailbox

Experienced this yesterday once more. When opening mail I see a (in egis case a non-spam) incoming message flashing by and nowhere to be found. Not in Junk or (local) Spam. Been using Spamsieve since 2004 and since the last year seeing this occasionally.
Other spam messages also just disappear.
Any thoughts?

Kind regards,

Peter Harte

Are you using Apple Mail? Which version of macOS?

If you see a message briefly in the inbox, that usually means that it was moved by a different computer. The messages that Mail processes on the current Mac go directly to their destination. So I would check whether you have any other Macs or devices accessing this account that might be moving the messages.

You can use the Open Log command to see which messages SpamSieve has processed. Are the ones that you saw flash listed there? Are there any that you see in the log that are missing from Mail?

I’m not sure what this is referring to. Could you give an example?

Using mail 14.0 (3654. on Big Sur beta 9.

I figured that already. The message (according to the log) was flagged spam. But on the one computer where it’s in the log the spam message is nowhere to be found. What I meant with other messages disappearing is that when I open mail (on any of 3 Macs), i see messages appearing in the inbox, disappearing from the inbox en not showing up in either Spam or Junk (local or server-side). And so no way to train it as good.

Even if it’s in the log, it’s still possible for it to have been moved by another Mac, too. Did you check the local mailboxes on the other Macs? I recommend only having one Mac access this mail account at a time while you are troubleshooting this problem.

The Mail bug may be specific to moving to a local Spam mailbox, so you could try changing the rule to move the messages to a Spam mailbox that’s on the same account that received the message.

I recommend enabling the backup feature so that even if Mail loses future messages, you’ll still have copies of them.

So what you are saying is that this is the same thing happening as discussed above, but it has happened for multiple messages?

This happens to me when I have mail that filters through the iCloud servers. They have their own spam filtering, which is non-adjustable. Check your iCloud spam folder, and I bet you will find numerous emails there.

Hi Guys,

I’m having the same problem here.
Mac mini 11.0.1 with SpamSieve 2.9.40 and apple mail

  • no spam filter or blocking lists activated in apple mail
  • only SpamSieve rule active

MacBook Pro 10.15.6 only with AppleMail

  • no spam filter or blocking lists activated in apple mail
  • no one rule active

iPad Pro and iPhone using the same accounts…

The Mail is listed in the log (Mac mini) but I can’t find it anywhere (inbox or filesystem).

Hope u can help me.

Greets Nils

Do you mean that you are seeing messages flash in the inbox and then disappear?

Does the log say they are Predicted: Spam or Predicted: Good?

Is your SpamSieve rule set to move messages to a local mailbox or to one on the server?

Hi Michael,

thanks for your reply. The message is predicted: Spam and I am using an IMAP folder (iCloud…). As you mentioned in another post I enabled the backup feature and now my messages are not lost, but only in the spam messages folder (/Users//Library/Application Support/SpamSieve/Spam Messages)

I used the IMAP folder as target for the apple mail rule and also tried to rename it.
But this does not work.

My Spam-Folder on the server is empty.

Is the message being received by that iCloud account or by another account? Have you tried changing the rule to use a local Spam mailbox? That can work around any Mail bugs moving messages to a server mailbox.

for now I see mails send to different accounts.
a few days ago I tried to use a local inbox. this worked. But the plan was to use the Mac mini as a drone…
i want to check the spam folder for wrong sorted mails on the go (with the iPhone or iPad). So a local mailbox would not help here.

There is a bug in macOS 11 where (for some users) Mail loses messages when moving them between accounts. So, if you don’t want to use a local mailbox, you could instead use per-account Spam mailboxes so that each message would stay on the same server. That should avoid the bug.

I can confirm that this problem does exist, and that the solution of having per-account Spam mailboxes does fix it for me.

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