Some spam messages have !! flags. Why?

I see some (not all) spam messages with !! flags. I can find no explanation in the SpamSieve manual nor in Apple Mail.

Please explain.



E-mail messages can have priority levels (determined by the sender), and Apple Mail displays “priority 1” as !!. So this is not related to SpamSieve.

Thank you , Michael.

Where did you find this information?
If I can find such things myself, I can
avoid clogging the forum with items
unrelated to SpamSieve.



I’m not sure there’s an easy way to look up this information. I just happened to know (from long ago) that e-mail messages can have priorities. (I don’t recall people ever using them much, though.)

If you choose View > Message > Long Headers you can see some parts of the message that Mail normally hides. By comparing messages with the !! and without, you can deduce which header is causing the difference.

Secondly, if you make a new message you can click the pop-up menu with the down-pointing triangle and tell it to show the priority field. This lets you set the priority for messages that you send out. (Some people might find that rude, though.)

Oh, I wasn’t berating you. It’s perfectly reasonable to think that this might be related to SpamSieve, and others may have the same question. I just wanted to be clear that in this case it’s purely due to Mail.