Some Spam Messages in Junk Are Still Unread

Spamsieve 3.0.1, MacBookPro 2018, latest MACOS, Apple Mail: I have migrated to the new version setting it up according to directions the best I can. All working fine, except that about two thirds of the spam being moved to Junk is marked as unread. I have enabled the setup entry that is supposed to mark mail to Junk as read.

The Mark it as read option applies to messages that are moved to Junk by SpamSieve. Messages that a server junk filter moves to Junk are ordinarily not processed by SpamSieve. You can identify these messages by their white background color. If you do want SpamSieve to process these messages that are already in Junk, there is an advanced setup for that, and you can customize the top of the script to have it mark the messages as read.

Thank you. I’ll check it out. Very kind of you to respond.

Thanks again for your help. But I need some additional information. I cannot figure out where and how in the advanced setup script to tell the system to mark all messages in the Junk mailbox as read.


In the version first line of the script, change:

property pMarkSpamMessagesRead : false


property pMarkSpamMessagesRead : true

Thanks again.

I can’t prove it, but it increasingly seems to me that the items marked as unread in the Junk mailbox are intems that I have trained as good rather than items the algorithm has sussed out on its own.

I’m not sure what you mean. If you have SpamSieve set to mark spam messages as read, then the ones in Junk that are marked as unread (before the script runs) would be the messages caught by the server junk filter. So these would not be related to SpamSieve at all.

And if you do train a message in Junk as good, normally it would be marked as unread and moved back to the inbox, so you wouldn’t see it in Junk as unread.

Sorry I wasn’t clear.

What I meant was this:

I doubled and triple checked and I cannot detect any server-side junk filtering on my Apple iCloud email. You had said the messages listed in Junk as not read probably were the result of filtering by a server-side junk filter.

What I was doing was suggesting an alternate possibility for the not-read messages, i.e. that they were messages whose sender I had trained as spam (that is, messages the Spamsieve algorithm had not identified as spam, requiring me to train them differently).

I hope it’s clearer now.

There is nothing to check. There is always server-side filtering with iCloud mail. Apple removed the “off” switch many years ago. The messages will also be colored differently from the ones caught by SpamSieve.

Got it. Thanks. Despite everthing some of my Junk is still registering as unread, but really it doesn’t make any difference. I have already taken up (much) more of your time and effort than I deserve.

The rescue script is triggered by receiving a new message in your inbox. So there can be a delay in processing the messages in Junk. This will be addressed in a future version when this functionality is built directly into SpamSieve.