Some trained mail going to spam and some to junk

Until June of this year, all trained emails were going to the Spam folder, but now some go to Spam while others go to Junk. That means I have to check 2 different boxes to see what’s in there.
Can this be fixed?

Which mail program are you using? In some cases, there are separate settings for where to move messages when SpamSieve is automatically filtering them vs. when you are manually training them. However, training a message would always move it to the same location. If you’re using Apple Mail, I recommend switching to the Junk mailbox for both filtering and training.

I use Apple Mail. I suppose SpamSieve could be trained to filter to Junk but the instructions were to specifically filter to Spam.

The instructions have recommended the Junk mailbox for the last couple years, and it will required with macOS Sonoma this fall. This is probably also where your mail server’s junk filter is moving messages, and that probably can’t be changed, so that’s another reason I suggest setting SpamSieve to use Junk so that everything is consistent. My guess is that the change you saw was not part of SpamSieve switching to use Junk but that the mail server’s junk filter started moving messages there. You can tell from the colors.

Thanks. I didn’t know that.

In regards to your most recent answer:

  1. I didn’t know that either (leaving Apple Mail Junk active.). Can you notify registered users when the manual changes?

  2. I have 4 mail accounts (2 Gmail, 1 iCloud and 1 university). How best to direct spam? Should every account have its own Junk or SpamSieveSpam folder? Or can there be 1 master Junk folder to rule them all?

Thanks. — Elliot

Yes, this was in the e-mail (if you’re on the mailing list), in the window for automatic software updates, and on the blog. The release notes in those places also call out which sections of the manual have changed.

The recommended setup is shown in the instructions. You should have a single rule that moves messages to the special All Junk mailbox, which aggregates the account-specific Junk mailboxes. In Mail’s Settings, you should go to Accounts ‣ Mailbox Behaviors and choose the appropriate Junk Mailbox that’s on that server (not under On My Mac).

Sorry, those were dumb questions.