Sonoma beta 3 - not working

Toothfairy 2.8.3 (115) on a MacBook M1Max running Sonoma 14.0 beta 3 with an Airpod Pro gen 2.

This was working before. Now, it spins, then gives an error ("Your Mac could not connect to “”.)

This happens even when the Airpod Pro is connected. When it is connected manually, the Toothfairy icon remains empty (it used to turn white).

I realize it’s beta software and don’t have any expectation of it working, but thought you might want to have a heads-up.

Thanks for letting me know. I am seeing these issues, too, and have reported them to Apple (FB12550887 for connection and FB12550939 for the icon). If you would like to record a Bluetooth log right after the problem occurs and send it to me (via e-mail) I can attach it to the bug report.

If it helps I don’t think this relates to the Sonoma beta. I’m on 13.x and TF stopped working with my AirPod Pro’s about 5-6 weeks ago I think? Let me know if you’d like a bluetooth log.

I’ve not heard of any problems with macOS 13.x, and I use it there regularly myself. Is it reporting an error for you? Please send in a diagnostic report and a Bluetooth log.

From what I’ve seen, this is fixed in the Sonoma release candidate.

I’m on latest dev beta (14.0 (23A344)). It’s still doing it.
Will wait for Sonoma RC (9/26/23) and try then. Thanks!

It may help to unpair the device from your Mac, remove it from ToothFairy, and then re-pair it and add it back.