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Sorting by color

I regular use the function to sort the junk folder by color manually to check doubtful emails. However, I haven’t found a way to tell Mail to “remember” the setting to sort the junk folder by color. Do I miss something?

If not, could the SpamSive plugin take care that the (in the preference selected) junk folder will be sorted by color (as a preference option, for example)?


Mail should remember each mailbox’s sort order automatically. I just tested this, and it’s working for me.

That’s what I thought, too. However, I believe I have found the trick: I had used a smart mailbox to monitor the local SpamSieve junk folder (because this folder was snowed under with folders and sub-folders…) but it seems that smart mailboxes do not remember a sort by color sort order. In the meantime I have changed the settings and use the built-in junk folder and this folder seems to remember…

Thanks for your quick response anyway!

BTW: I replied to you post yesterday evening but it seems there was a problem during the login procedure and this post is lost.