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sorting records quickly

I place many files in eaglefiler throughout the day. At the end of the day, I sort them into the appropriate folders. Is there a smart match function, or a way for me to start typing the correct folder in the container column and have options show up? It takes a long time to drop and drag in the side panel because I have so many folders.


For mass filing, what I would do is:

  1. Open a second EagleFiler browser window. Use one window as the source and the other as the destination.
  2. In the source window, select Unfiled.
  3. In the destination window, select Records and press Option-Right-Arrow to expand all the folders.
  4. To file a record from the source window, click in the destination window’s source list and begin typing the name of the folder. This will select it for you.
  5. Drag the record from the source window to the records list in the destination window (a larger drop target than the folder in the source list).

Another option would be to use AppleScript, if there’s a way to infer from the file’s metadata which folder it should go in.

incredibly helpful – thanks. Wouldn’t have thought to do this