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Sound slows down

Bluetooth works fine with most of my devices (speaker, earplugs, trackpad etc.), but it will not work when I am using Cubase Elements 11 combined with my Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones. The sounds get slowed down like a very slowly turning turntable. It looks like Cubase and ToothFairy do not live together well. I completely reset bluetooth and set everything up from scratch, but no change. I switched off improved sound quality, no change. The only thing that solved the problem was quiting ToothFairy. Don’t understand why, please advise.
thanks, Martin
OSX 10.14.6
Macbook Pro 13" 2015

I don’t understand why, either, and I’ve not heard other reports of that happening. ToothFairy doesn’t change anything related to Bluetooth or sound while it’s running, except briefly when you tell it to connect or disconnect a device. So quitting it shouldn’t have any effect. Does the problem still occur if you reboot your Mac in safe mode?

hi Michael,

Thanks for your response. Maybe it is a combination of apps that causes the problem,
I don’t know. But here is what happens: I boot my system without ToothFairy, connect
my headphones, start Cubase, all sounds perfectly ok. I quit Cubase, start TootFairy,
relaunch Cubase, sound is slowed down beyond recognition.
If I have ToothFairy launch at startup, I cannot get the headphones to work properly with Cubase at all.

Without ToothFairy running I cannot reproduce the problem in any way, that is to say,
there is no problem without ToothFairy running. The strange thing is it only happens
with the Sony headphones, all other devices work fine with TootFairy running.

I noticed something else, if the problem has occured and I have disconnect my headphones through ToothFairy, I cannot reconnect, the icon turns black and then turns white again. This is the case for all sound devices. I cannot connect anything anymore through ToothFairy or throught the bluetooth menu.

And another observation: when launching Cubase with ToothFairy running, I hear some strange soft rumble sounds in my headphones. This does not happen when ToothFairy is not running.

Don’t know what to make of this all, hope you can…

Did you try safe mode?

Even if you didn’t interact with the app at all? Do you have any scripts configured in the Advanced section of ToothFairy’s preferences?

The only other thing I can think of is that ToothFairy does ask macOS to let it it know when a device connects or disconnects (e.g. so that it can update the icon). It’s possible that observing this is somehow causing the Bluetooth system to behave differently. I’ll work on making a debug version of ToothFairy for you to explore this theory.

Does it report an error?

I have been trying out some things this morning and have just managed to reproduce the same disruptive behaviour without ToothFairy present, so I might be on the wrong track. Let’s put it on ice for the moment, sorry if I caused you any inconvenience. I’ll continue my search for the culprit. Thanks, Martin

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