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Sounds worse

Hey I just got this and honestly the sound is worse, and i also can’t manually dis-connect and re-connect, i have to turn my headphone all the way off and on. Just got the app a few days ago, any suggestions? is my only option to uninstall and re-install?

You can ‘manually disconnect’ by clicking the menu bar icon for Toothfairy (unless you have turned off that feature in preferences).

What kind of headphones are you using? AirPods? AirPods Pro? Something else?

ToothFairy doesn’t affect the sound quality except that in some situations it can help you use a higher quality audio codec. You can Option-click the macOS Bluetooth menu, find your device, and look under Active Codec to compare which codec you are getting when connecting via ToothFairy vs. other means.

You can disconnect by clicking the device icon or pressing the hotkey unless you’ve disabled that feature.

thanks all! what i mean by manually disconnect/re-connect is that when i hit the icon sometimes it stays connected, and if the headphones i have are turned on, when i hit the icon again, it won’t connect, even if the icon is dark (i hope that makes sense).ill take a look at my setting, its entirely possible i have something in my setting selected that i dont realise. also ty Michael! ill try that!
im a little slower than the average bear when it comes to getting used to new stuff like this, no matter how simple the interface lmaoo facepalm

If the icon is dark, that means the headphones are already connected. You can also see the connection state in the Bluetooth pane of System Preferences.

sorry im def NOT being clear here. absolutely my fault!
what i mean is, sometimes when its dark and “connected”, i still can’t hear it out of my headphones even when i double check to make sure they are on and not paired to anything else, its just out of my laptop, then if i want to try and fix it, i can’t just click the icon to disconnect, then click it again to re-connect, i have to turn my jaybirds completely off and on.
and i would say 8/10 times when they are connected fine, and i am hearing through my headphones, its still echoey and flickery as ever, if not more so.

also @tjluoma sorry they are jaybird X4s

What does System Preferences > Sound > Output show?

Why not? What happens if you try that?

thanks for all your help.

  1. it says built in
  2. if i disconnect by just clicking the icon, it won’t re-connect by clicking the icon. it will only re-connect if i turn my headphone all the way off and then back on again

Does this occur when everything was off/disconnected and then you tried to connect? Or does it only happen if you had previous had it connected and then tried to disconnect and connect again?

If you disconnect by clicking the icon, does it show as disconnected in the Bluetooth pane of System Preferences?

What happens in ToothFairy when you try to reconnect? Does the icon change to solid? Does it report an error?


  1. ill have to check, because i constantly have my mouse and keyboard connected, so im not sure if it says if all BT things are disconnected (is that what you mean)

2)it says it can’t connect. like it just does the circle connecting thing then says it can’t. ill check to see if it also disconnects via my mac.

  1. No, what it I meant is whether your headphones were off and disconnected (vs. in the in-between state that mentioned where they were Bluetooth-connected but not playing audio).

  2. Does it say the connection timed out? Please try the suggestions here, i.e. resetting the Bluetooth module and doing a safe reboot.