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Spam being moved to wrong account

I am using SpamSieve on a separate machine (my file server), running as a “drone” using Mail.app. I have accounts configured for all my family members’ accounts (there are a number of different mail clients in use on each person’s computers, but I don’t think this matters or makes a difference).

The issue is, my wife’s spam messages are being filtered into MY Spam mailbox. That is, spam addressed to my wife’s email address is ending up in MY account’s Spam mailbox (same domain, but different accounts). I have double-checked the Mail.app Rules, and it clearly shows that the “Move Message to mailbox: Spam” action is configured with her account/mailbox, NOT mine. I have double-checked the Remote Training script and verified that the account names are listed correctly.

Any other ideas on what to check to fix this? (Yes, the point of the drone is to be able to train spam messages such that all accounts benefit, but I don’t always know what is spam to her, thus I want her to be the one to be doing the training on messages addressed to her.)


I should have mentioned: SpamSieve v2.9.34, running on macOS High Sierra 10.13.16/Mail.app 11.5.

Is the problem with new messages that SpamSieve filters? Or with ones that have been moved to a TrainSpam mailbox?

If the former, the standard SpamSieve setup has only one rule, so all the messages will go to the same Spam mailbox. Do you have more than one SpamSieve rule? Please note that it doesn’t matter whether a rule for her account moves messages to the right mailbox if there’s another rule higher up that also matches those messages.

Another follow-up: Just pointing out a behavioral side effect of this: when I do train obviously good messages (erroneously marked as spam) that have been moved into my Spam mailbox, when I train them appropriately using the TrainGood script, the messages are now in MY account, and get moved back into MY INBOX, where my wife will never see them correctly.

Perhaps that was obvious from the beginning, but I wanted to make sure…

Yes, it’s normal that when you use the TrainGood mailbox or the “Train as Good” command, SpamSieve will move the message to the same account’s inbox.

The former: new messages getting automatically filtered by SpamSieve.

I have multiple SpamSieve rules, one per account, named “SpamSieve - <<account description>>”. Each one of those rules is configured thusly:

If [any] of the following conditions are met: [Every Message]
perform the following actions: "[Move Message] to mailbox: [Spam]

where the specified Spam mailbox is unique to each account.

The rule for my account comes first (well, second, after the Remote Training rule), before four more of my accounts (different servers/domains), followed by my wife’s rule, followed by my kids’ rules. [It’s hard to tell whether I’m also receiving my kids’ spam messages, as their public email addresses are actually aliases that include delivery to not only them, but myself as well.]

These rules (the “Remote Training” plus all the “SpamSieve - *” rules) are the ONLY rules defined in Mail.app.

Thanks for your quick response!

That sounds like the problem. If you write “Every message,” it will match messages from every account, and the subsequent rules will be ignored. You should have an “Account” criterion in the rule, as shown here.

Huh—I distinctly remember explicitly changing the rules to that, after things didn’t seem to be working as expected, based on something I read, which I must’ve MISread. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway, thanks…all is well now.