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Spam filtered, but all messages moved

Hi. I’ve read through most all of the posting and manual to see if I am perhaps missing something. I have used SpamSieve without issue for many years with both POP3 and IMAP via PowerMail and for the last couple of years from Apple Mail.

Previously I had SpamSieve configured to color questionable messages and move them to the Spam folder. All other SPAM was moved to the trash immediately. I decided that I no longer wanted the coloring and deleted the second Rule in mail to just filter the Spam messages.

At this point, all messages started getting moved to the Spam folder though SpamSieve correctly predicts them as Good. I have double checked the Rule’s Description field and it is SpamSieve without any spaces or other characters. The rest of the Rule is set up:
If any of the following conditions are met:
Every Message
Perform the following actions:
Move Message to mailbox Spam

I have additional Rules below that are supposed to sort incoming news or forum traffic to their respective folders as well, but they are all not functioning at this point after messages are moved to the Spam folder. I have tried to recreate the SpamSieve Rule and used the Message->SpamSieve - Change Settings also in an attempt to restore functionality.

Please e-mail me the file: