Spam filtering on all devices?

So, like many folks, I have the usual array of Apple gear, and Iphone, iPad, laptop, and iMac. Wondering how to get SpamSieve to work with all of these devices?

Right now I have just one license for the M1 laptop which is fine if I open it up first thing in the morning. But if I jump on my phone, then the filtering is not done, I know I probably need to buy a lot another license for the iMac and keep that running all the time, pity I couldn’t do something in the cloud, but I guess that’s the way things are. Suggestions, probably answered my own question. Another problem is if I go away on vacation and my iMac stop working.

I know there are solutions like fast mail, but one of the reasons I am still with Apple Mail is I have 5 emails accounts off a single domain and I don’t fancy paying $20 times five for each separate email account.

Each license for SpamSieve is good for one person or one computer—your choice. This means that you (personally) could use it on all your Macs, or you and your family or colleagues could use it (in separate user accounts) on a single shared Mac.

If you are using SpamSieve with the same mail account on multiple Macs, there are several different ways to set this up.

The iPhone will be filtered whenever a Mac is running. You can leave it on (with the display asleep) or set it to wake at a certain time.

Does this happen a lot? What makes it stop working?

Ok that’s good to know that I can run it on all my Macs! I used Spamsieve 5+ years ago and just upgraded to the latest version :slight_smile:

When I mentioned my iMac not working I meant that while I’m gone for a month or so and the iMac itself happens to go offline at my home for some reason there would be no-one around to reboot it or restart it. I guess I could enable power on after power failure and automatically launch the Mail app on it too OR run spamsive on both machines.

For some reason after I started a job search a year ago I’ve been hammered with spam business loans, fractional CTOs and other crap like that on a daily basis. ( I’ve been pretty lucky and sailed below the radar for the past 20 years). LinkedIN me thinks. I do use hide my email and have about 100+ email forwards!!!

Yes, or if you tend to get temporary power failures, maybe an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) would be a good idea for your Mac, anyway.