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Spam folder disappeared in Apple Mail

Hey everyone!

I’ve been using SpamSieve with Apple Mail. Love it.

Just recently, the SPAM folder that used to reside in the left hand column under the mailbox (with the ‘show’ option) has disappeared. So now, I don’t know how to find my Spam folder. There are a few emails that I need to retrieve from there.

Any help would be appreciated!

Have a great day!


The Show button should still be there if you move your mouse over it. Please see this page.

Hi Michael. Thanks for replying.

I know about the ‘show’ button. I’ve shown all the folders for the mailbox. What I’m saying is that the actual SPAM folder is no longer there! It’s a strange thing that has happened, that’s why I posted this new thread.

Perhaps the mailbox got moved. If you go to Mail’s preferences and open the SpamSieve rule, you can click on the Spam mailbox in the rule action to see where it is located in the mailbox hierarchy.