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Spam folder not showing in Apple Mail

I purchased a new laptop and had the files copied by the Apple Genius people. All is working well except my SpamSieve Spam folder doesn’t show in Mail. It exists because attempts to re-install SpamSieve and install the plug-in give me an error message that says the Spam folder exists. The rule exists, too. And SpamSieve seems to be working. I just can’t see the Mail folder. How do I make it re-appear?

Does this page help?

Yes, that page helped. I’m an idiot. That obvious step simply didn’t occur to me. Thanks for the assist.

Still confused
Loving SpamSieve for POP mail in the last few days. But I’m now trying to switch to a “Drone” setup because I have too many devices.

I had the same question as OP, found the “On My Mac” “Spam” folder. But is this correct for IMAP as well? I tried to create a “Spam” folder on the IMAP server but Mail says there’s already a “Spam” folder, but it doesn’t appear under the IMAP mailboxes. Does Mail show all the “Spam” folder contents for all IMAP accounts in this single “Spam” folder?

You can use the “On My Mac” Spam folder with an IMAP account, in which case the spam messages will be moved off the IMAP server. For the drone setup, you want the spams on the server so that you can see them from other devices. If Mail says there is already an IMAP Spam mailbox, most likely you don’t see it because Mail’s preferences are set to display the Spam mailbox as the special Junk mailbox. So you could use that one or create a SpamSieveSpam mailbox if you want to keep the messages SpamSieve caught separate.

No, each server folder is shown as one folder in Mail. Even with the special Junk folder, you can open the triangle next to it to see the individual folders for each account.

Thanks so much, Michael! So I did find the Junk folder which shows each account. So:

  1. These are separate Spam folders on the server, not local?
  2. They show up under a single “Junk” heading? in Mac mail?

If that’s the case, I swear, Apple makes things so complicated sometimes by trying to simplify things!

Yes. This can be confusing, but it’s a pretty standard design across different mail programs these days.