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Spam Folder vs. Junk Folder

I use Apple Mail on a new Macbook Pro 16 with OS Catalina 10.15.3. I have a Junk Folder and Spam Folder. The Junk folder gets a lot of Junk and I never review it. The Spam folder catches spam but also occassionaly gets a good message. I have been able to Train As Good and they jump to my InBox. What do I do with the rest of these spam emails in the Spam Folder? I can move them to Junk but I think I still get emails from the senders and they end up in the Spam Folder. When I select and tell them Train as Spam, nothing happens, they just sit there. Any ideas what is happening with my Spam folder and what I should do with this Spam?

This is probably from a server junk filter.

You can just delete the spam messages in the Spam mailbox. They are not mistakes, so it’s not necessary or recommended to train them as spam. If you do train them, SpamSieve will see that they are already in the Spam mailbox, so it won’t move them.

Thank you Michael. These emails continue to go into this Spam Folder. Is there anyway to stop them from coming in? Do they have to be filtered at the server? I scan the folder every day because there is the occasional good one to train.

Andy Meeker
Creative Director

There’s no way to prevent spammers from sending you the messages. You could configure a more aggressive server filter if you want, but I think it’s better to deal with them locally so that if the filter makes a mistake you can see the good message before it gets deleted.