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[SPAM] gets added to Subject line

So, in Entourage, I of course have “Junk E-mail Protection” set to off.

Everything works as expected BUT, I have 1 account where for some reason the words [SPAM] get appended to the front of the Subject line of every email that comes to that 1 account.

The account in question, 1 of 10 I check, gets its emails from a contact form on the website. Said form sends the results to me with a set subject line of “Website INQUIRY” - but at some point I cannot recall, they started to come in as “[SPAM] Website INQUIRY”.

Why? Is this something in SS I can control as it is the only account where this happens on.

BTW, I do have a Rule set so that any email to that account it gets: turned to a certain category color, plays a script that plays a sound, places it inbox - not sure if any of this matters, but just for disclosure.

SpamSieve does not modify the subject line. There must be a server-side spam filter adding “[SPAM]” to your messages.

I will check my GoDaddy settings and see as they handle my email.

UPDATE: your right, I found the setting in GD… thanks for the hint.

Well, it’s possible to have a rule or AppleScript in Entourage that does that, but you would have had to specifically set it up.

This is not a built-in feature. It would be possible for you to add it if you are good with AppleScript. SpamSieve does have a built-in feature to (http://c-command.com/spamsieve/manual-ah/spam-message-categories) (using different Entourage categories) depending on how spammy it thinks they are.

Mailscanner or Spamassassin
I have this setting on an Ensim server. It uses Mailscanner and Spamassassin. A default action there is to add [SPAM] to the beginning of the subject line of suspected email, but to deliver it to the inbox. You have to look at that server and see if that is the case. It is set by the admin of the site and mailbox.