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Spam getting through

I’m running 10.6.2 (Mail) and (re)installed 2.77 and I’m getting a lot of obvious spam including things that have been flagged as spam in the past.
Any suggestions?

Did you read the Please Read This First at the top of the forum?

Yes, but will read it again. I’ve verified that SpamSieve is the first rule and that it selects the first spam box in Mail. All of my spam goes there EXCEPT what I mark as spam (Control Command S) which goes into another spam folder towards the bottom of the list. I’ve tried deleting that folder but it comes back.
I noticed that the first spam folder is actually listed under import ( I came from Eudora). So I’m moving the spam to the other folder which is lower and deleting the imported one and reselecting the now top one.
BTW are you going to support PostBox and/orMailForge??

It doesn’t say anywhere to select the first spam mailbox.

The “Train as Spam” command always moves the messages into a top-level spam mailbox. “S” is near the end of the alphabet, so naturally it will sort to the bottom. Of course, it’s also possible to change the name of the mailbox.

The instructions said to create the Spam mailbox under “On My Mac”, not under “Import”.

Neither product currently has hooks for connecting a spam filter.

SpamSieve 2.8.4 includes a plug-in for Postbox 2.0. MailForge 2.0.4 includes built-in SpamSieve integration.