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Spam going into different folders

I have recently set up SS.
I created the Spam folder & turned off mail.app junk filter.
If I train SS manually on a message it moves it to a folder called Junk which has been created automatically on my mac.
If it applies it rules automatically it moves it to the Spam folder.
Why the 2 different actions, should everything not be moved regardless of whether I do It manually or it happens automatically?

It sounds like you’re leaving out some steps of what you did. If you’re installing SpamSieve for the first time and you follow the Apple Mail setup instructions, you would have created a mailbox in On My Mac called Spam, and you would have selected this mailbox in the SpamSieve rule. Then both the trained spam and the automatically caught spam would go to this same mailbox. There are some settings to change this, but that’s the way it normally works.