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Spam going into Junk folder

I use SpamSieve on my iMac at home and Mac Mini at my office. No problems, works fine. I recently, installed it on my MacBook Pro and for the past week, all spam is going into my regular Junk folder in Apple Mail; nothing is going into the Spam (SpamSieve) folder that was set up. I’ve installed it correctly; I can’t find where I went wrong if I didn’t. I’ve had no problems with it on my other 2 Macs. Any ideas what is going on.

FYI, SpamSieve v2.9.17. Apple Mail plug-in is installed, Mail junk mail filtering is disabled, Spam folder and rule properly created.


It sounds like either:

  • You have a server junk filter that’s moving the messages; or
  • Your mailbox is called Spam but Mail is treating it as the special Junk mailbox; you can fix this by making a new Junk mailbox using the Mailbox > Use This Mailbox As > Junk Mailbox command.

Thanks for the heads-up Michael. It’s not a server junk filter but upon closer inspection, I noticed all of the spam belongs to my Gmail account and showing up in the Junk folder for that account only. Would you know how to solve this?

How do you know it’s not Gmail moving the messages? Have you tried changing the SpamSieve rule to use a different mailbox?


I have the same Gmail accounts on my other Macs and all Spam goes into the SpamSieve Spam folder.

It really sounds to me like this is a display issue. Did you try using the “Use This Mailbox As” command as I suggested?

Also, which of the multiple-Mac setups are you using?