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Spam going to JUNK instead of intended Spam folder

Just bought the new MacBook Pro so I just did a complete reinstall from scratch.

  1. I installed Apple Mail Plug-In
  2. The TRAIN MESSAGE GOOD/BAD appears under Apple Mail -> Message
  3. I created a folder ON MY MAC called “Spam”
  4. I create a rule called Spamsieve, made certain it was located at the very top of the list, and have mails copied to Spam folder
  5. Under Junk Mail “Enable Junk Filtering” is unchecked.

Spam Mail still going to JUNK under general mailboxes and not the Spam Folder.

Did I miss something?


My guess is that you have a server junk filter that’s moving the messages to Junk before they get to your Mac. Please see this page.