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Spam going to spam folder then to archive folder in apple mail

Since setting up SpamSieve, spam only transiently appears in spam folder. I have a separate spam folders designated for Exchange and Gmail accts. Apple mail shows two Archive folders and if I open the spam folder, the message disappears and moves to the Archive folder. This has all started happening after I installed SpamSieve today. I set it up to send spam to the separate spam folder for each account on the respective folder. I have turned off the Apple Junk filter and the Gmail filtering as well. Any suggestions? I cannot review the messages marked as Spam without going through every single message in the Archive folder.

Does this happen for the Exchange account or the Gmail account or both? Are there any other computers or devices accessing these mail accounts?

It seems to be just for the Gmail account. I see the spam message in the Gmail spam folder in Apple mail and when I click to see what it is, it disappears and shows up in the Archive folder. Apple shows two subfolder under Archive - one for Exchange and one labeled Goodle (All Mail). The spam ends up in the latter.

I just got a spam message in the Exchange account. It went to the spam folder I set up in the Exchange folder and I was able to open it and check it and delete it. Worked perfectly.
Meanwhile several messages in Gmail automatically went to the Archive folder - they were not flagged by SpamSieve apparently.
I do not have other devices running right now other than my iphone that access these accounts.

I haven’t heard of messages disappearing from Spam before. That said, Gmail is confusing because the Archive/All Mail actually shows copies of messages that are in other mailboxes. If possible, I recommend hiding it from IMAP. So perhaps that will help if the issue is that Mail is getting confused about the duplicates. Another option would be to use a local Spam mailbox for Gmail (under “On My Mac”).

I did exactly this and it seems to have fixed the issue. Now, (So far) all the filtering in Gmail seems to be occurring at the server level and they are going to my Apple Junk folder. This is tolerable -

Which did you do (turn off All Mail or use local Spam mailbox)? I thought you had turned off the Gmail spam filter already. Regardless, Mail will probably display a top-level Gmail mailbox called Spam as the special Junk mailbox. That is OK. You can choose this mailbox in your SpamSieve rule—or not.

It all seems to be working OK now. I just have one question. I have turned off the Gmail filter according to the instructions even though I do not understand how that works according to the filter created. When I get spam sent to the Gmail Junk folder, is it all being done by SpamSieve then? Why is it that when I look in Gmail on the web, those spam messages have the notation that I marked them as spam previously? Are these being detected as spam by SpamSieve or the Gmail server? I want to train some of them as good, but should I do that in Spam Sieve? As I understand it, I should not do that if the marking as spam is being done by the Gmail server before it is seen by SpamSieve.

Yes, unless you have some other rule somewhere.

SpamSieve tells the server which messages it thinks are spam.