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Spam is Missing

I have been using SpamSieve with Apple Mail for a year or so. It was working well with Catalina and I just noticed that in the last week or two my spam is no longer forwarding to my Spam folder. I can check the console and it shows that it is blocking messages and sending them to my Junk folder but when I check the junk folder the messages are not in there. Not in trash or any other spam folder either. Please help. I of course had a message blocked that I need and now have no way I can find to retrieve it.

Normally, Apple Mail is configured to move messages to the Spam mailbox under On My Mac. You can open the SpamSieve rule in Mail’s preferences to see which destination mailbox is selected.

If you have another Mac, you could also check the mailboxes on that computer, as it may have a rule that moved the message off the server.

When I go into the preferences it says it is being saved to a junk folder I have stored in my iCloud email account but the emails never make it there.

Are you using more than one mail account?

Yes but that is nothing different than I have done before.

Yeah, I’m not sure what has changed, since you said it worked fine with Catalina before. The reason I asked is that some users are seeing a bug where Catalina Mail rules fail to move messages between accounts. So you could be seeing this if you had spam in another account that was set to move to an iCloud mailbox. As a first step, I would try creating a Spam mailbox under On My Mac and set the Mail rule to use that.

Are you still finding that messages disappear when moved to an iCloud mailbox on macOS 10.15.4?