Spam message not caught

I just noticed there’s a message from 3 minutes ago, which should’ve been caught, but wasn’t (it has [SPAM] in the subject line from my server’s filter (spamassassin).

Which mailbox is it in? Does the Log window show it as Predicted?

Hello – I’ve just purchased SpamSieve having used the free version for many years. I’m using it with Apple Mail and Sonoma. It was working fine but since the upgrade, I’m finding I’ve had to go back to training again. Having looked at other threads, I’m pretty sure I’ve got it set up correctly, and looking at the log, all messages stopped being predicted and became trained (manual) around October 5th which I think is when I upgraded. Is it normal to have to go back to doing this again? Just wondering why the good/spam settings wouldn’t carry over.

Also hope it’s okay to add to this thread – I imagine you don’t want everyone starting new ones on the same topic…?


If the messages stopped being predicted, that means there’s a setup problem. Most likely, you need to select the inboxes for filtering.

It probably did carry over. You can see in the Statistics window whether you have the words and rules from before. If there were a Predicted: Good entry for a spam message, that could indicate a training problem.

If this is the thing you do in Mailbox Behaviours, then the account that’s letting spam through doesn’t allow me to select Drafts / Sent / Junk Mailboxes. It’s a POP account rather than IMAP – is this likely to be the problem?

No, I am referring to Filter spam messages in other mailboxes.


SpamSieve 3.0.1b2 can now automatically filter new messages in the inbox that Mail failed to send to the Mail extension. So, in most cases, you no longer need to do anything to work around this Mail bug.

Okay, re. select the inboxes for filtering – this is all set up as per the instructions. Some spam is still getting through though (maybe 5 or so in a few days) so I’m still having train it. Is this normal or does it indicate there’s still a problem? Pre-purchase, I rarely had to do this. Thanks.

It’s hard to say without knowing why the messages are getting through, how you trained it, and what percentage of messages this represents. Please use the Save Diagnostic Report command in the Help menu and send me the report file, as described here, and I can give you some more specific advice.