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Spam messages returning to inbox

I recently upgraded to sierra and have been having a weird issue ever since. Spamsieve is not as accurate as it used to be, so I reset the corpus and retrained it on a large amount of spam that I received this year. Now when I train a message as spam, it will change color, move to the spam folder, then a couple of seconds later it will return to my inbox, the color still being gray.

How do I correct this?


This sounds like an issue with Mail or your server. It may help to rebuild Mail’s database.

I tried rebuilding the database. Still doing it, but only on my Gmail account. Seems to work fine on other accounts.

Did you do the complete rebuild? Are there any other computers accessing this Gmail account? Are you using a Spam mailbox under “On My Mac” or on the server? Does the message stay in Spam if you drag it manually or train it again?

I believe i completed the rebuild. I did not see any progress bar or any feedback, but did notice mail jumped significantly in the activity monitor, and I waited until it went back down to normal. I rebuilt the main mailbox, but not each individual mailbox (meaning I did not go through the process for the inbox for gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc)

The spam folder is on my mac. If I retrain it, yes it comes right back. If I drag them manually to the spam folder, they stay there.

I think I completed the rebuild. There was no progress bar or anything, but I noticed a spike in the activity monitor for mail, and waited until it went back down to normal. I had my main main inbox selected (not the individual gmail inbox) when I selected rebuild. No other computers are using the account, except my iPhone. The spam folder is on my mac. The message does stay if I manually dray it to the spam folder, but not if I train it as spam.

What I meant was that the instructions have a different procedure that is called the complete rebuild. The typical rebuild will not fix the problem that you are referring to. If you do the complete rebuild, it will take a while and show a progress bar.

If the rebuild doesn’t help, I recommend trying a server Spam mailbox instead.

How do I move the spam folder to a server?

Please see this page.