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Spam No Longer Goes to Spam Folder

I just noticed today that I am getting no new mail messages into my spam folder and I am getting a lot of previously marked spam in my inbox. I am running OS 10.14 and Version 2.9.34 of SpamSieve. I have checked the box in preferences to use SpamSieve. I get the SpamSieve Train as Spam in my pull down menu and when used it moves it into my Spam Folder. I checked the log file and didn’t know enough to tell what I found. I can enclose it if that helps.


It sounds like you checked the box in Manage Plug-ins and so the SpamSieve plug-in has loaded. However, please make sure that the SpamSieve rule in Mail’s preferences is also checked; otherwise, SpamSieve will be turned off.

Thank you! It was not checked off. I guess that somehow it got turned off either when I upgrade to 10.14 or when I upgraded to the latest version of SpamSieve.