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Spam Not Caught

Since the latest update, I am getting quite a bit of spam (3-5 daily) in my Mac mailbox rather than it going into the spam folder. All of these spams have a bunch of random letters when I check the “From.” Before the latest update all of these went to the spam folder rather than my inbox. The version I have is 2.9.31.

Please use the “Save Diagnostic Report” command in the Help menu and send me the report file, as described here.

Thanks for sending the report. I don’t see any issues related to the new version. The two main issues seem to be:

  1. You do not seem to be training all the spam messages in the inbox as spam. Several recent messages that you trained as spam had been whitelisted because of a previous message that SpamSieve thought were good but which were never trained as spam. It’s important to correct all the mistakes or SpamSieve will learn from incorrect information. To get rid of the incorrect information you would need to reset the corpus and rules, as described at the link.

  2. A few of the messages that you trained as spam had not been examined by SpamSieve at all. This could be because they were marked as read or moved to a different mailbox before they were received by Mail on your Mac.