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Spam not cleared during sleep, marked unread

My inbox has loads of spam every morning when I wake the MacBook Pro from sleep. It’s all stuff that during the day gets swept up into the spam folder. It’s all marked unread. When I process rules manually, it still doesn’t get filtered out. Only training the spam as spam works.

OSX 10.8.4, Mail, current SS.

Are you expecting the mail to be filtered while it’s asleep? Does your Mac support Power Nap?

Please post or send in the information requested here.

Do I expect it to get mail during sleep? It does seem to. This MBP does support Power Nap and it is enabled. What seems wrong is that it gets the email but doesn’t seem to invoke SpamSieve the way it does all other times. New email’s in the inbox, the spam’s there, and it doesn’t seem like it’s all working the way it should.

I’ll send the info a little later.