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Spam not moved to Spam folder after TrainSpam

I have installed anew instance of Spamsieve on a MC Mini running on Big Sur 11.2.3.
I copied my Spamsieve data from the old Mac mini.
Spamsieve works properly and all identified Spammails are moved to the local Spamfolder ( called SpamSpam) of my new Mac (this is drone for a series of mail accounts and I adopted the corresponding script (latest version) accordingly and the rules are set this local folder
But all mails that are moved to the TrainSpam or TrainGood folders are not moved anymore to the local Spam folder (SpamSpam). This was the case on my old MacMini.

If I call the Spam folder in the RemoteTraining script “Spam”, then Spam mails are copied to the corresponding Spam-folder on the mail-server.

What did I do wrong?

The log file tells me, that those mails that have been moved to the TrainSpam or TrainGood folder are processed manually.

Is this an issue with apple mail or with the script?

Thanks in advance for answer and support

The remote training script has always been designed to move the spams to a server mailbox.

OK, just for clarification:
the Trained Spam mails are always moved to server mailbox, whereas identified Spam mails can be are moved to a local folder ? (what is currently the case).

Yes, the remotely trained spams always go to a server mailbox. The automatically caught ones go to wherever you’ve specified in the SpamSieve rule in Mail.

Thanks Michael.

problem solved. I had that different in mind, and it works.
with best regards