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Spam not showing up

Suddenly, my spam is not going into the designated Spam folder and not showing up anywhere else as well. I know it is Spam, and undesirable, since it appears on the corresponding web based client for my server. Any ideas? Thanks - Neil

You can check SpamSieve’s log to find out whether it has been seeing these messages. Which mail program are you using?

Seems I am having other troubles as well and not getting my mail as I should. Just what I need. Thanks Micahel and more later. BTW, Apple Mail is my client.

I think that I may have found the problem, but do not really understand it. At the risk of appearing like a fool - I synched rules through MobileMe which means that the one SS rule I created will be applied to mail on eith my iMac or MacBook once synched. That’s part of it I am sure.

If your Spam mailbox is local (rather than on the server) then one Mac running SpamSieve will remove the spam from the server so that it doesn’t appear on the other Mac at all. When using SpamSieve with multiple Macs, be sure to correct the mistakes properly.

This may indeed be exactly what is happening. Thanks you and I will let you know. Neil