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Spam on my iPhone and iPad

Now that my spam is going into its own folder in my Mail account (which is working nicely)…how do I stop it from being pushed to my iPhone or iPad?

The normal SpamSieve setup instructions have you create the Spam mailbox under “On My Mac.” This way the spam will only go to your Mac, not the iPhone.

syncing spam sieve with iPad/iPod/iPhone

The Spam folder is “on my Mac” in my Mail program on my MBP, but I still get all the spam on my iPad and iPod. I have to empty my Spam folder on the computer to get rid of the crap on my other devices.

Any tricks to be aware of?

Emptying a mailbox “On My Mac” does not affect the other devices. The messages are removed from the server (and, thus, the other devices) when the Mac moves the messages into the Spam mailbox “On My Mac.” Thus, you just need to have the Mac running with Mail open and set to check for new mail.