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Spam relocated to alternate Spam Folders

Hi. A client is nearing the end of his 30 day trial with SpamSieve. I haven’t seen it, but he assures me mail from a sender he had previously white listed is being treated as Spam.

What I did notice today is that although the rule I set in Mac Mail app is for SpamSieve to move Spam to the Spam folder I created “On my Mac,” that folder is empty, whereas there is new activity in at least one other folder labeled Spam farther down the Mail app leftmost column, in the mailbox at his domain, such as tom@bismark.com

Within Mac Mail, the Junk mail is turned off. Any ideas?


The whitelist rule should be good unless he later trained a message from that sender as spam. He should check the log to see whether SpamSieve thought the message was spam and, if so, why.

It sounds like there’s a server-side spam filter that’s moving these messages before Mail and SpamSieve see them.

Very helpful feedback, I’ll check it out. Thank you, MT.

I have a junk folder that keeps installing itself, even after deleting, and captures spam every now and then. I have created several folders for storing and filing certain messages and this ‘junk’ folder will auto create itself among them. It just seems to happen for my Mac account and mostly it seems to be from aliases.

From your quote above do you have any suggestions to try to remedy this?

Apple runs its own spam filter on the MobileMe/.Mac server, which creates its own Junk mailbox. There is currently no way to turn this off.

Thanks, after reading through some of that thread it’s not that annoying as it used to be.

I think I can wait for Apple.