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Spam Sieve and Outlook 365

Hello. I am encountering problems with false negatives (good email being marked as spam). I have tried whitelisting and training as good, but it does not work. I imagine the problem is from the server side - marking as spam before getting to spam sieve. I do not appear to be able to turn off server side spam filtering on Office 365, so I am unsure how to correct this problem.

Any ideas?

A good message marked as spam is a false positive. A false negative is a spam message in the inbox.

Have you confirmed this theory by checking SpamSieve’s log to see whether there are “Predicted” entries for those messages?

Who is your mail host? That’s where you would have to configure any server side filtering.

I use my own domain email with Office 365 mail (exchange). I cannot turn off spam filtering in the Office 365 settings, therefore I am unsure how to have Spam Sieve override the Office 365 mail settings. What I am getting is “good” emails being caught in “JUNK” folder, despite the fact I have set up Whitelist rules in Spam Sieve to prevent this. That makes me think the problem is in Office 365. Do you know how to disable spam filtering in Office 365 so I can use SS as the primary spam control system?

Do you mean this? Do you have Exchange Online Protection?

Which mail client app and version are you running on your Mac?

I still think you should check the log to be sure so that you are not guessing as to where the problem is.

Not sure if I have EOP - I will look into it.

I am running Apple Mail on OS X El Capitan 10.11.6

How do I go about checking the “log”?

The best solution is to disable the server filter. However, if that’s not possible, you can use this script to have SpamSieve re-filter the messages that the server filter caught.

Please see this page and look at whether there are “Predicted” entries for the messages in question.