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Spam Sieve does not honor spam assassin X-SPAM headers

Hi, I noticed that Spam Sieve is not honoring Spam Assassin X-SPAM headers.

I cannot find a way to configure support. Is anyone else experiencing the same thing? Any workarounds or fixes?

Example of Spam Assassin headers that SpamSieve doesn’t honor:

X-Spam-Flag: YES
X-Spam-Status: Yes, score=7.0 required=6.0
X-Spam-Level: +++++++

This is by design. I don’t think it makes sense for SpamSieve to duplicate what another filter is doing. Personally, I find SpamSieve to be more accurate, so I don’t want messages to go to the Spam mailbox if SpamAssassin thinks they’re spam but SpamSieve doesn’t. And if you do want the SpamAssassin messages to go to the Spam mailbox, you can configure SpamAssassin itself to do that. There’s no need to have the same message go through both filters.

Thanks for your response.

Yeah, I just noticed that spam sieve had been missing a ton of obvious spam and saw that in the headers. I have an important work email address that unfortunately receives thousands of spam per day. Spam Sieve has helped reduce that, but it hasn’t solved my spam problem. (We can’t configure Spam Assassin to have the server discard the spam email just in case the email were valid).

For now, I just set up a rule in mail app to move spam to the spam folder where X-Spam-Flag = Yes. Mail App rules allows you to add your own header items using the “Edit Header List” in the header pulldown.

If there were a wishlist item for a future Spam Sieve improvement, I think it could be cool if spam sieve would implement something similar to Mail App’s “Edit Header List”… so users could add their own blocklist/whitelist rules for X-Headers.

If it’s missing obvious spam, something is wrong. The proper solution is to fix your setup and/or adjust SpamSieve so that it will catch the spam, not to have it mimic what SpamAssassin is doing and continue to run sub optimally.

If you do that, be sure that the rule is above the SpamSieve rule. Otherwise, SpamSieve’s training will get messed up because you won’t be able to easily correct its mistakes.