Spam Sieve V3 Install

Installed V3 and it is stalled at “Importing log message files” Step 2. Also there is no drop down below SpamSieve.

Please see send in a sample report so that we can see why it’s stalled.

Here is the sample.



Sample of SpamSieve.txt (131 KB)

I emailed my sample of SpamSieve.txt file to the address indicated in the directions in the link provided.

I have the same issue. Hangs up at exactly 1000 files of 9154 files in step 2 of the log file transfer process.
Restarted, complete shutdown, ran disc utility - no errors found.

It looks like there may be certain unusual message data that triggers a hang on import. A quick fix that I think will work is to enter this command in the Terminal app:

defaults write com.c-command.SpamSieve MessageFilesMigratorParseMessages NO

and then press Return. This tells SpamSieve to import the message data but to skip trying to interpret it.

Alternatively, you could open your Library folder and find the folder /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/SpamSieve/. Make a new folder called MessageData and move the folders False Negatives, Messages, Good Messages, and Spam Messages into it. (You may not have all of these folders.) This will hide the messages from the importer so that it doesn’t see the problematic message(s).

Neither of these workarounds will reduce the filtering accuracy. They only affect which message data is available for display in the Corpus and Log windows.

Hi, Michael. After VERY long waits, SS reported that the log files were broke and that I could move on without them keeping all my accumulated training. I am good for now.



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I think this is fixed in SpamSieve 3.0.1b1.