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Spam slipping through

I’ve used SPamsieve for several years and recommences it to anyone who has a spam problem. Lately I’ve notice that a couple emails slip through everyday and I’m pretty rigorous about training them as spam. Also, I’ve notice that there are a number of common attributes. the From Address is different than the From Name. The From Name’s are for example : Geico Insurance, Anderson Renewal, Gold Investments & other companies that use a lot of SPAM.

Even if I train them as spam, they continue. My question is what causes SpamSieve to create a blocklist rule that uses From Name vs. From Address? I know I can create the rule manually and I have, but I’m curious and have read your comment that you shouldn’t have to create a lot of manual rules.

It always creates a rule for the address. It will create a rule for the name if the name as a space in it.

It sounds like there may be a setup or training problem, so I recommend sending in a diagnostic report.

Thanks for sending the log. I don’t see any SpamSieve mistakes there for the senders that you mentioned above. I do see some messages (e.g. “August Gold IRA”) that you trained as spam but which Mail never asked SpamSieve to filter. Did you perhaps train some messages as spam there were not in the inbox, i.e. that a server rule had moved to another mailbox before they got to your Mac (and so they were not filtered through SpamSieve)?

That is possible. I have had some email ending up in my yahoo junk mail folder even though I have the rule set on the sever to deliver everything to Mac mail? I might have trained it as spam or good depending.

As I composed this, an email from seeking alpha ( should not be spam) went into my yahoo junk mail folder. I checked Yahoo there is only the SpamSieve filter. Then suddenly it went to my inbox.

The SpamSieve log entry:

Predicted: Good (1)
Subject: Must Read: Tesla: Excuse Me, 1999 Is Calling
From: account@seekingalpha.com
Identifier: 5tof6+PwgPQ9CyYY0qSXBA==
Reason: (
) matched rule <From (address) Is Equal to “account@seekingalpha.com”> in SpamSieve whitelist
Date: 2020-07-23 15:01:07 -0500 (CDT)

There is another email in junk now that is SPAM. no SpamSieve Entry in the log.

Now I am getting confused.

OK I am not confused. I am running the apple script for Server Junk Mailbox so that is why it was processed properly. I might be training on those before the script picks them up.

Yes, it looks like you have the script set up to have SpamSieve filter messages caught by the server junk filter. With that setup, you should ignore the server Junk/Bulk mailbox entirely because the script will empty it into Inbox and Spam. All the ones (temporarily) in Junk have not been processed by SpamSieve at all.

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