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Spam spoofing my email address, but I also email things to myself

Hi, I’ve read the page (7.1.12) on training SpamSieve to recognize messages spoofing your own email address. The direction is to have SpamSieve ignore the safety measure and exclude my email address from the safe list.

However, I often share articles/links/tweets from my phone using the email share, which ends up being both from and to my own email address.

If I tell SpamSieve to remove my address from the safe list, will I be depending on the Bayesian filter to determine whether my emails to myself are allowed through?

In the past, I’ve just deleted the “WE’VE GOT EVERYTHING ON YOU” spams spoofing my email address, but I’m now getting 15-20 per day. I’d love to train them as spam, but want to make sure that any shares or notes to myself are also allowed through.

Insight and advice much appreciated!

Yes, although it can also use the whitelist based on the name of the sender. If you never receive a spam using your full name, the messages sent from yourself will remain whitelisted.