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Spam that just won't die!

I haven’t checked the contents of the mail really deeply but I keep seeing familiar spam that I thought I had trained away.

Even if you unsubscribe and train it as spam it still comes back.

It’s not many but off course we’re trying to kill it.

I’m on my iPad at the moment so I don’t have my stats to hand.

I’ll post them up here as soon as I can just to make sure everything is ok.


Here are my stats:

Filtered Mail
130 Good Messages
320 Spam Messages (71%)
299 Spam Messages Per Day

SpamSieve Accuracy
1 False Positives
154 False Negatives (99%)
65.6% Correct

640 Good Messages
1,156 Spam Messages (64%)
157,702 Total Words

325 Blocklist Rules
436 Whitelist Rules

Showing Statistics Since
20/12/2013 00:20

This is the kind of junk they are spamming me with:


Cut Your Grocery Bill By 91%

This is seriously BAD news for grocery stores worldwide…

“Big Biz” is panicked over this new device that can cut your grocery bill by 90% or more.

… And NO, it’s NOT Coupons.

Click here to see exactly how to do this for
yourself in less than 7 minutes.

Don’t wait… see it now.

  • Sam McCoy

P.S - I can’t promise this information will be public for much longer. The threat of this grocery bill slashing device already has them looking for ways to get rid of this. Go here now before it’s too late!

If you wish to stop future mailings, please click here.

Or send mail to:
404 Rio Grande
Austin, TX 78701

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It’s strange that the accuracy has dropped so much from the 99.9% that you were seeing a few days ago. And the message that you posted above looks like an obvious spam. Please send in some more information via e-mail. In particular, please see this page, including the “If you have spam messages in your inbox” section.