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Spam using Zero/Letter substitution in subject

I’ve been getting a lot of spam recently with zeroes substituted for the letter “O” like

0besity Bl0cker
L0wering C0verage

I have trained them as spam but they are still arriving as “good mail” in my inbox. I have looked at the source and they have a different URL and different email address on each one that “appear” to be legitimate in the html though I suppose they could be spoofed by a redirect if clicked.

In any case, years ago you had told me about writing a blocklist rule for something similar but I have since lost the instructions.

Would something like that work in this case?

I have been using 2.96 but just noticed an update is available and will upgrade soon to 2.97, though I doubt that will make a difference in this case.

A blocklist rule shouldn’t be necessary. Please check that your setup is correct and, if so, send me some more information so that I can look into this.

SpamSieve 2.9.7 has been available for more than a month and includes lots of filtering improvements. I recommend enabling the automatic update feature or signing up for the mailing list so that you can update as soon as a new version is released.

I did the upgrade to 2.97 and the spam with zeroes is automatically going into the spam-to-delete folder as expected.

I don’t do the automatic upgrades because too many apps start downloading and/or installing upgrades that I MAY NOT WANT, usually because of incompatibilities, or they like to do it while I’m in the middle of something else and ask for password/permissions with an insistent dialog box. One day, after multiple interruptions, I decided to stop all automatic upgrades. I’m not saying your software does this, but I have too much software to remember which ones are problematic and which ones aren’t, and I no longer subscribe to mailing lists for reasons I shouldn’t need to explain to someone who fights spam.

Thanks for the great support!


There’s also an RSS feed.