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Spam vs Junk

Until the iCloud changes, I quite happily had all my Spamsieve-identified messages going to a Spam mailbox that I kept on the server side.

The iCloud changes screwed that up, so I followed the instructions to change the Spamsieve rule to use Junk as well and also used Message>SpamSieve - Change Settings to set this mailbox for spam as well.

I expected that when I selected all the messages remaining in Spam and identified them as such by using Message>SpamSieve - Train as Spam they would all move to Junk, but they’re staying put.

When I look in the log this is an example of what I see:

Trained: Spam (Manual)
Subject: Our doughnut masterclass, tips for going gluten-free, plus new salmon recipes
Identifier: 5vOBo6G7p2tnTl2rThPSHA==
Actions: already in Spam corpus (5077)
Date: 2015-05-13 16:01:32 +0000

So why aren’t they being moved?

Update: The SpamSieve rule is still moving incoming messages to Spam.

Screenshot 2015-05-13 17.10.16.png

It is not necessary or recommended to train messages as spam that were already caught as spam. The “Train as Spam” command only moves messages to the spam mailbox if they are not already in a spam mailbox.

Should I just manually move the remaining messages that are already identified by SpamSieve to Junk?

Yes. Or you could delete them if you know they are definitely spam.