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Spam vs Unsubscribe

What is better to mark a message that you no longer want (but were previously interested in):

as spam
or to unsubscribe
or to unsubscribe and also mark as Spam


Unwanted legitimate messages are not spam. You should unsubscribe but not train them as spam.

50,000+ unsubscribe emails
I just did a search for “unsubscribe” just to see how many I had and its looking like 50,000+!!!

I can’t unsubscribe to all of those…

I guess I should just delete as many of them that I don’t want that were from before I installed Sieve and unsubscribe the new ones or just train as spam and delete.

Why can’t we just train as spam messages we don’t want as opposed to spam?

I just want to understand a bit better etc…

Are these really legitimate messages, i.e. from companies that you purchased from and gave your e-mail address to? That seems unlikely, but even if they are, many are probably from the same few senders.

It seems to me that it would be better to unsubscribe as you receive new e-mails. If the ones from the past don’t send you anything further, then the problem is already solved.

Training non-spam e-mails as spam will confuse SpamSieve and reduce its filtering accuracy. For example, genuine promotional messages sent from Amazon have many of the same characteristics as Amazon order confirmation e-mails. You don’t want SpamSieve to think that your order confirmations are slightly spammy or that the promotional e-mails are similar to the ones that you trained as good. If you don’t want to receive the messages, you can unsubscribe. This will avoid those problems, immediately stop 100% of the e-mails from getting through to your inbox, and you won’t have to download them, either, because they won’t be sent to you anymore.