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SPAM will not leave inbox


Spamsieve up to date
Latest OS X
Email host: gmail business free version


  1. I mark an email as SPAM
  2. It disappears from the Inbox
  3. Seconds later, or sometimes if I go to another folder and return, it’s back in the box. I assume that this means that on the google server, it never left the inbox, or was never deleted?
  4. Tried various fixes suggested here: http://c-command.com/spamsieve/help/why-does-the-junk-mai which is the closest I could find to my problem.

Before this started happening, I did a complete clean re-install of OS X on my HD. I’m in the process of re-installing all my favourite apps. (I’m doing this to get rid of years of accumulated junk.) Stuck with this new behaviour by SpamSieve.

Now at a loss as to what to do to fix this.


Are you using Apple Mail? If so, please see this page.


Thanks Michael. I was, and that worked. Many thanks.

Going through that procedure I thought—hey, this isn’t Michael’s job.

Apple should be writing their own manuals. They should pay you! (Not that they will.) :slight_smile:

This same thing is happening to me for Gmail only and I did everything mentioned in this thread. I feel stupid paying for a product that didn’t do its job. Can someone please help?

Did you do the complete rebuild of the Apple Mail database?

Which version of Mac OS X are you using?

Is your Spam mailbox under “On My Mac” or on the Gmail server?

I see what you’re saying, although from my side of things it’s not SpamSieve’s fault if your mail client or server is unable to reliably move a message from one mailbox to another. Nevertheless, I will try to help you get them working.

Okay, the problem is that there are thousands of emails in my whitelist. I didn’t put them there. I removed them. Fixed!

I’m glad it’s fixed, however whitelist rules would not cause the “messages move back” problem that you reported. And, secondly, deleting whitelist rules is almost never advisable. This is described in Spammy Whitelist Rules.

I got to tell you it actually fixed the problem. Also, why is it not advisable to delete annoying emails from the whitelist?

Because if the address should not be on the whitelist, the spam message would have been in your inbox, and you should have already trained it as spam. This would have disabled the whitelist rule, so it would not cause you any problems. Deleting the whitelist rule opens you up to problems in the future because it tells SpamSieve to forget that that’s a bad rule.

Michael, that makes complete sense. However, I have tried to train the message as Spam and it will disappear only for several seconds later to return to my mailbox.

I thought you said the problem was fixed?

Haha it just came back!

OK, then please answer the questions in my original reply.