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Spamsieve use to be good about grabbing messages that came in with SPAM in the subject from my Freebsd server. I have a rule that looks for SPAM and SPAM contained in the Subject line. It no longer detects these.

I also noticed that a rule added for

Spamsieve From Name Nutrisystem
with the following header would not detect as spam also.

To: ken
Lose 5 lbs. in Your First Week With Fast Five+ Guarante

What am I doing wrong ? Is it possible to add an option to detect any word or phrase within the entire header? I see that you have one body, but don’t not for the entire header.


This is probably because you trained one of those messages as good, so SpamSieve disabled the rule. Check the rule in SpamSieve’s blocklist to make sure that it’s still enabled.

Again, please check that your rule is still in place and enabled. You can also check the log to see whether SpamSieve even looked at those messages and, if so, why it thought they were good.

No. In general, making lots of blocklist rules is the wrong approach with SpamSieve. It should be learning to catch the messages automatically. If you find yourself needing to make lots of rules, that’s a sign that something else is wrong and needs to be fixed.

seems to be enabled
The SPAM was enabled, I’m guessing the blue check box is the enabled box. Not sure why this stopped working. Was working great for a long time on my original machine.

Nutrisystem was actually gone this time, because I’m trying to copy a fairly good working Spamsieve to a new machine (purchased another copy of Spamsieve) … I’ve followed your help about getting the App Support/Spamsieve folder and the com… plist item and copied. I just did it again, so I lost the Nutrisystem on the new machine, my fault, thanks for the tip.

Thanks on the header information also, however sometimes it entirely straight forward if what I see as being the main Item in the email is what you are calling From[name] .

I’m going to try to work on the sever to have spamassassin to do some more learning. I’m sure most of the problem is there.


Like I said, you can look in the log to see whether SpamSieve processed the messages and how it analyzed them.

SpamSieve automatically creates blocklist rules for “From (name)” when you train a message as spam, so there is no reason to create those rules manually.

It sounds to me like that would be a totally separate issue. If you have a SpamSieve blocklist rule that’s not working, either SpamSieve is not processing the messages or there’s some other reason it’s thinking they’re good. Either way, this is something that should be investigated in the log.

I looked at the log and many are being caught, but some are getting through. For example you sent me two messages with SPAM in the subject, one was spammed the other got through

If “spam” is in the subject, that’s probably because of a spam filter on your server, not because it was in the message that I sent. If you send in your log file via e-mail I can take a closer look.