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SpamAssassin Question

I am setting up for the first time. I used to use SpamAssassin as configured through the cPanel of my HostGator hosting account. I have it working on my Mac but am confused on how to follow this advice from the C-Command SpamSieve Manual about SpamAssassin:

“Make sure the filter is set not to add Junk or another tag to the message’s subject.”

SpamAssassin does add “[SPAM]” in the subject line, and there is no way to change this behavior that I can see.

MY QUESTION: How do I make sure it is not marked when I have no control over it?

The full info from the SpamSieve instructions reads:

Many mail hosts offer SpamAssassin or a similar filter. Make sure the filter is set not to add Junk or another tag to the message’s subject. Also, try to configure the filter not to move the messages out of the inbox. It is actually good if you can leave the filter on, but set so that it only tags the message’s headers (e.g. by adding X-Spam-Status and X-Spam-Report headers). This will allow SpamSieve to incorporate the work that the server filter has done into its analysis.”

So I would like to continue to use it if it is useful, but if I cannot remove this then my second question is to confirm that I should just disable SpamAssassin?


SpamAssassin Settings.png

SpamAssassin Configuration.png

The manual recommends turning off the subject tags because they are distracting (for you) and possibly inaccurate. They are not actually a problem for SpamSieve, though. It looks like your host does not let you configure that particular SpamAssassin setting. In your case, I would recommend leaving SpamAssassin enabled but set not to delete any messages. That way SpamSieve can take advantage of its header tags.

ok. Thanks.