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Spammer using my own information in TO and FROM

This is a new one… Just now a spammer sent a piece of pharmaceutical spam FROM [my real name] TO [my real email address]! It even has my actual photo on the thing! As far as I know, I can’t mark it as spam even with SpamSieve, because I would be blacklisting MYSELF! Any suggestions?

If the message is spam, you should tell SpamSieve that it’s spam. You won’t blacklist yourself so long as you then train a message from yourself as good.

Thanks for your help
Thanks for your help, Michael. The message I received, including the photo, was a 100% emulation of my exact email messages that I send to others through Apple Mail. I would never have thought this level of emulation sophistication was possible. I make every effort to be especially careful about my info and pix and I can’t understand how the spammer got this stuff, especially my photo.