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Spammy mail not being marked as Spam

Hi, I’ve been using SpamSieve for several years and I love the app. However, over the past month or two I’ve noticed a rash of spammy mail going directly to my inbox without any color indication unless it’s been “trained”. SS is not even checking for spammyness anymore, it seems. Example from today (one of about 20 with similar content): Subject line: “[Bulk] Email from Transport for London,” Body: “Dear Customer,” blah, blah, blah. Then a zip file is attached. I’m getting hundreds of these a week and not a one is being called out by SS.

Almost all emails of this type are coming through with no color code. I’ve marked hundreds of nearly identical emails as spam; only the sender’s name/address are different.

Just now I checked preferences and tried to make the “Spam-catching strategy” as aggressive as possible, but moving the slider bar did not have any effect on the conservative vs aggressive read-out.

I’m using Mac OS X 8.5, all updates and plug-ins installed and working. And, no, I haven’t messed with the Rules in Mac Mail.

It sounds like there’s a problem with the Mail rule. Please follow the instructions on the Checking the Apple Mail Setup page.

I guess I could try the last step, because all the other steps are correct already:

“Even if the rule looks correct, it can help to delete it and create a new one. (If you do this, be sure to click Don’t Apply when it asks whether you want to re-apply the rules.)”

Also, please do the “Testing That the Rule Works” part.