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SpamSeive Ignoring Other Rules?

I’m very new to SpamSieve, about 15 minutes new. So far I like what I see but there is one problem that could be a deal breaker on registration. SpamSieve seems to be bypassing or ignoring my other rules in Apple Mail.

I have the required SpamSieve rule first, followed by my other rules which are basically there to color code emails I receive based on the account they are being sent to. After I train any mail as good the previous color coding vanishes, and new incoming mail is no longer color coded either.

Is there a way to reactivate my color coding rules in Apple Mail?


It’s not ignoring your rules; it’s just changing the colors when you use the training commands (after your rules have already been applied). You can use the Change Settings command to tell SpamSieve not to use colors to indicate how spammy the messages are.

I already tried changing the settings. I chose No when asked if I wanted to color messages based on how Spammy they were. Regardless, shouldn’t my other Rules take effect if they are after the SpamSieve rule?

RULE 1 - SpamSieve
RULE 2 - name@emailz.com Messages to Green
RULE 3 - name@emails.com Messages to Blue

Everything shows up as plain Jane white after SpamSieve does its thing.

Figured it out. New mail is now coming in colored correctly. I just had to selet all the messages and reaaply the rules. It’s like the colors didn’t refresh or something. Odd, but it’s working now. On with the demo!