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SpamSieve 2.7.1 and Eudora 6.2.4 for the Mac

I am running OS 10.5.2 (Leopard) on a MacBook Pro. I have had SpamSeve for everal years and I just installed SS 2.7.1 by selecting However, Eudora still shows a very old version of SS and rhere is no evidence of SS 2.7.1 in Eudora’s plug-in folder.

My question is is houldn’t SpamSieve be in the Eudora plug-in folder? I noticed this the other day when my ISP changed servers and suddenly I start receiving 500 to 600messages every time I checked e-mail with about 95% of them spam.

Can anyone tell me how to fet the SS plug-in into Eudora?


Tom Casselman (aka TDaMoose)

The current version of the SpamSieve plug-in (as shown in Eudora’s About Message Plug-ins window) is 1.0.5. If it shows up in that window, that means it’s installed and loaded. If it doesn’t show up there, you need to re-install it. You can look in SpamSieve’s log to see whether it has access to all the incoming messages, and there are various settings to check in Eudora to make sure that it shows SpamSieve all the messages and that it puts the messages that SpamSieve thinks are spam into the Junk mailbox.