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SpamSieve 2.7.3

The following was posted on the SpamSieve blog:

SpamSieve has been updated to version 2.7.3. This is a free update that includes the following changes:

  • Rewrote and restructured the manual to make the setup andtroubleshooting instructions clearer.
  • Replaced the Training Tip
    window with an alert that’sdisplayed when SpamSieve’s corpus is empty. This goes along withthe more explicit guidance that ongoing training is onlynecessary to correct mistakes. - The Entourage installer no longer asks before replacing existingscript files. If you want to customize the scripts (rare these days,since there are so many built-in configuration options), you should usecopies with different names to avoid having SpamSieve overwrite them.
  • Changed the recommended Entourage rule setup to better handleuncertain messages. The installer now creates the Uncertain Junk
    category if necessary. - Made the Apple Mail plug-in installer more robust.
  • Worked around a problem parsing certain multipart messages.
  • Adjusted the built-in blocklist rules for better accuracy.
  • Reduced memory usage when processing message attachments.
  • Fixed a bug sorting in rules windows.
  • Fixed a bug marking incoming Entourage messages as Uncertain Junk.
  • Updated the localizations.

Error on install
When I try to download 2.7.3 I get a message “Cannot open file”.
Mac 10.5.6, Apple Mail. I’ve restated computer and get the same message

Which application is showing the error? Which application did you use to download the file? What is the last thing you did before seeing the error message?

steps to getting error message
I have the SS automatic check for updates on, and go the Software Update notice that you posted at the beginning of this thread.

I’ve tried clicking both the Download and Download & Install buttons, but get the error message with both. The downloading progress bar shows for a second, and then the message appears. I’ve looked in my Downloads folder but don’t find anything with SpamSieve name.

Do you see any error messages from SpamSieve in the All Messages section of the Console application?

You can install the update manually by downloading it with Safari and then following the instructions in the Read Me file.

Not sure what you mean by Console application, but I’ve opened SS and can’t find any other messages. Tell me where to look.

The Safari download -> applications folder install worked fine.

Thanks for the help and the quality program.


It’s in the Utilities folder inside your Applications folder.

Console error message.
1/28/09 6:34:39 AM SpamSieve[4225] Error downloading file: <NSError Domain=NSURLErrorDomain Code=-3001 UserInfo={
NSErrorFailingURLKey = http://c-command.com/downloads/SpamSieve-2.7.3.dmg;
NSErrorFailingURLStringKey = “http://c-command.com/downloads/SpamSieve-2.7.3.dmg”;
NSLocalizedDescription = “Cannot open file”;
NSUnderlyingError = Error Domain=kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork Code=-3001 UserInfo=0x1738a3e0 “Operation could not be completed. (kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork error -3001.)”;

Thanks. It looks like the problem was not in opening the file but in downloading it from the SpamSieve server. You were able to download the file later, so perhaps it was just a transient network or server problem.