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SpamSieve 2.7.7 does not recognize spam for certain e-mails

I am using SS 2.77 on a quad Mac Pro running under OS 10.5.8. Recently I have had a serious problem with two different types of e-mail messages:

  1. The message Who has the following title “Me” with the following header

    Delivered-To: cassco@c-fourth.com
    To: “For you” <cassco@c-fourth.com>
    Subject: Center of Health
    From: “Me” <cassco@c-fourth.com>
    Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2009 02:10:43 -0700

    Clearly, SS does not recognize it as spam since it is from and to my email
    address and to me. Is there a solution to this problem so it can be designated
    as spam?

  2. Anytime a message contains the word Viagra in the ““Who”” column, I can set
    it as spam. However, after downloading a new set of mail In box still has 6-10
    messages with the word Viagra in the Who column. The header is:

    Delivered-To: cassco@c-fourth.com
    From: VIAGRA General Store <cassco@c-fourth.com>
    To: cassco@c-fourth.com
    Subject: Personal 75% OFF to cassco@c-fourth.com. Pfizer.

It appears as though the spammers have found a way to fool SpamSieve by making the e-mail appear from me and to me.

Can Anything be done about this? Do I need to make up a special rule?


Yes, because the address is in your address book and you’ve configured SpamSieve to never classify messages from the address book as spam. There are a variety of possible solutions.