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SpamSieve 2.8.1 loaded twice in Mac dock-

I bought and installed yesterday and left program running overnight since it kept opening, as if new, with each new email. Today I opened my Mac Mail and another SpamSieve application launched in my Dock–two of them now open in dock.

Any suggestions for Mac users on this predicament?

1 other ?: should the new application live in Users>my name>Applications or in HD Applications folder (showing my ignorance–a ? I’ve had for some time) --are they both one and the same Applications folder–where SpamSieve should reside?


The reason this happens is that if SpamSieve detects that another copy is already running, it will quit. Mail thinks the other version is newer, so it keeps re-launching it.

You need to make sure that you have only one copy of the SpamSieve application on your Mac.

I’m not sure what you mean by “one and the same Applications folder.” How can two different folders be the same?

It doesn’t matter which Applications folder you put SpamSieve in. Just pick one and delete it from the other.